• AI support
  • automated building management
  • increased efficiency

re:brain: Environmentally friendly building management with AI benefits

Using building data in a sustainable way

How can you reduce the operational costs of your building and do something for the environment at the same time? By letting re:mory’s re:brain module do the work for you! Our holistic service identifies any untapped potential in your building.

With the help of real-estate-related artificial intelligence, your property learns to automatically adapt to modified user behaviour and environmental factors. Subsequently, re:brain automatically controls the functions of your building services systems, making your real estate more sustainable, energy-efficient and CO2-efficient.

Automated services for sustainable and efficient buildings

Artificial intelligence for a green future

Functional, sustainable and efficient building management? Yes, please! The key to success: a comprehensive data pool and innovative AI algorithms. Our re:brain module has brought this interplay of different factors to perfection, allowing for a fully automated control of your building services. The system identifies any potential for improvement and automatically adjusts individual parameters.

The special benefit: The real-estate-related AI turns your building into a fully self-learning system. Building service systems are automatically optimised, allowing for adjustments to external influences such as outside temperature or weather conditions – and thus for a fully optimised building management. The result: a significant reduction of operational costs and a more sustainable, efficient facility management with lower energy consumption and minimised CO2 emissions.

Sustainable data, measurable benefits – with re:brain

Save an average of 20 per cent of energy

Good to know: re:brain offers a variety of features for real estate professionals including building owners, asset managers, centre managers and facility managers. The digital module stands for innovative functions and perfect results:

  • smart, fully automated building services
    smart, fully automated building services
  • lower energy consumption and CO2 reduction
    lower energy consumption and CO2 reduction
  • increased efficiency through derived recommendations for action
    increased efficiency through derived recommendations for action
  • sustainable facility control
    sustainable facility control
  • predictive maintenance
    predictive maintenance
  • automated detection of anomalies
    automated detection of anomalies

re:connect, re:port, re:brain: comprehensive services for your building

The ideal symbiosis of service and software

re:mory makes your real estate more transparent, more efficient and more sustainable. In combination, the three modules re:connect, re:port and re:brain provide a powerful service and software solution for future-proof buildings.

Our expertise for more sustainability

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